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Flea-Power tube amplifier launches end of 2017

Launch of Flea-power tube amplifier end of 2017

In the end of 2017, a new Dutch SE tube amplifier will be launched. The name “Flea-power” is   among other things used for amplifiers with low power (0,1 to 10 Watt). The low power of this flea-power tube amplifier is no restriction to fully enjoy the music, as long as you use the right speakers.

Inside the flea-power
Inside the flea-power amplifier: no electrolytic s.
Flea-power front
Audiokit’s flea-power front

Most important features of the Flea-power tube amplifier:

  • stabilized power supply , powering both pre-amplifier and powerstage.
  • No electrolytic capacitors, only foil capacitors (MKP) are used.
  • No negative feedback.
  • PCL82 and 85A2 in the stabilized power supply, EF86 and EL95 as pre-amp and powerstage.
  • Stepped attenuator as volume control (24 steps)
  • Point to point soldering and use of turrets.

Ever wanted to try-out a tube amplifier at home?

I have made 3 amplifiers specially for trial by people that want to give it a try for 14 days. The only cost is transport cost. The amp has to be sent back to me every time so I can check it to be sure the next person will get a perfect working device again. All this is on a base of good trust.   I will send the amplifier in a solid packing.

If you are interested, you can sign in via the “leave a comment” field underneath this post.

power supply soldered on turrets
Components of the flea-power’s stabilized power supply are soldered on  a 3mm glass fiber board with turrets.

A lot of attention is paid to the set up of the components and the quality of the soldering.

power supply part flea-power tube amplifier
Power supply in the compact  cabinet of  the  flea-power tube amplifier.
turrets are used to have a solid soldering
Turrets are used to have a solid soldering


  1. Geoff Grindon

    Hello, is it possible to supply a kit of parts for your fine design flea power amps. I have a uk address? If so the price including shipping. Thank you. And good luck. Geoff

    1. benny

      Hello Geoff,
      First I want to apologize for my late reply. Although I did set up the site myself, I did not know I should first approve the questions in the admin part of wordpress before I could see them. Although the name is audiokit, I normally don’t supply kits to build this amp. The price as you see it is a completely finished and working amplifier. If you wish, I can of course gather all the parts and make sketches for you to build it yourself. I will send you a personal message to discuss this matter and see if I can do a suitable offer.
      Kind regards,


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