Power Supply

B&O CD X Op-amp (NE5532) power supply

Standard PSU in most CD players

4 of the 78.. regulators  (+5V, -5V, +12 and -12V) supply voltage to both servo and decoding boards. To my opinion this is not an ideal situation. Therefor I decided to make a dedicated power supply (+12, -12V) for the Op-amp.

Extra regulators for both NE5532 op-amp and new Tent clock

The B&O CD X doesn’t have a lot of free space so it is a matter of measuring how you can fit the new regulators in. I used this opportunity to build an extra 7 volt supply to feed the Tentlabs clock Tentlabs XO

The page doesn’t show the 4.2336 Mc frequency. If you go to the “shop” page shop, you will find it there.

And the box with the crystal. This will be installed in a next post.

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