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Turrets are mainly used in guitar amps, less in audio amplifiers

I worked with terminal-strips for a long time and actually without any problems. Every solder joint can be good if you apply the right solder technic.
I will write an article on solder technic shortly.

Turret’s have this name because they look like a castle’s turret or a chessboard turret. I think it is best to call it turret in dutch too so everyone knows it is not the place where politics takes place (het torentje)

When I saw the massive turrents for the first time on a fiberglass board, immediately I saw the potential to use it in an audio amplifier as well. From e-Bay I ordered some turrets and fiberglass board (3mm). I had to read some articles first, and on the site I found most of the things I wanted to know.

When all material was on my working-desk, I made some small turret-boards that could be used in the   flea-power gestabiliseerde voeding.

To drill the holes at an even distance, I used my dremel workstation (drill-press). I had to make some tools to be able to drill as precise as possible.  You can make the distance between the holes exactly even by using small tiles of wood or plastic. By adding them one by one between a stable point and the fiber board, you shift the board in even mm for every hole. I made a movie to show how I did the drilling and the pressing of the turrets. You will see I drilled a second time, this was to countersink the hole as my fiber board was too thick to get the turret flanged.

The Dremel workstation is not the most rigid when you drill in hard surface. I have the experience that the drill starts drifting when I apply more force. So sharp drills and pre-drilling with smaller sizes will help you to avoid that. I don’t know if Proxxon is better in this respect? Fortunately I have a large drill-press for the heavy work.

To drill the holes evenly spaced, I made some small tools. Proxxon has a small carpenter’s square on it’s base, for the Dremel I made one myself. And of course it has to be attached to the base so I made some clamps for that as well. In the next video I show both tools in short. Use your fantasy to make more tools that help to make life easier.

Which turret

Using turret’s needs more preparation then the “normal” solder lugs.  The choice which length is determined by the thickness of the board. You can decide yourself where the turrets will be on the board and also which size. In the next picture you can see some of the different sizes.

turrets with different size
On top a turret with small diameter and hight. the lower 2 are 2.7mm diameter and bottom hight of 3 en 4 mm

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