Audiokit tube amplifiers

flea-power amplifier front
flea-power amplifier: PL82, 85A2, 2xEF86, 2xEL95.

What does Audiokit tube amplifiers stand for?

Audiokit tube amplifiers designs and produces tube amplifiers with low Power. The original schematic was based on the legendary¬†AG9016, in the end there were so many improvements that the only thing that’s left is the power amplifier (EL95)

The main characteristics:

  • I don’t use electrolytic capacitors, foil capacitors only .
  • No tone control and as few as possible components in the signal path.
  • You can choose a coupling capacitor to your liking, standard I use Auricap.
  • No negative feedback
  • stabilized power supply for pre- and power amplifier.

If you never heard a tube amplifier with low power and want to try one without any obligation, contact me via

On this site you will find the main topics that makes this amplifier special:

Stabilized power supply.
Negative Feedback